Friday, June 12, 2009

Melbourne Street Fashion!

Well, I just returned from Tokyo 3 days ago. The trip was as good as any, and the artistic inspiration was there just as heavy as any trip. I have been soo jet lagged, and away from the computer. Anyway..I wanted to share something cool that happened!

While I was in Japan, I got an email from "Alastair", the person who runs the blog "". They had seen my work and blog, and were interested in sharing links. I had already been blogger buddies with the famous "Fashion Hayley", who also is a fan of my street fashion inspired illustrations, and has also done MANY great things with (by the way Hayley, if you read this...did you mention me to Alastair? And also..noticed the pink hair...couldn't have been inspiration from one of my last drawings could it? haha)

Anyway..I check the site pretty normally anyway. I like to see what people are wearing all over the world, it really keeps me updated with different cultures and trends, as well as inspiration for my artwork. Just wanted to share this great web site, and also give a thank you to the people at for noticing me. You can check out the link to the right, or go to

Thanks again! *All credit for photos goes to their respected photographers and also Please click to ENLARGE!

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lümi said...

I love your blog too! I am so glad to get some comments and yours made me smile! Thanks for leaving a little trace on my blog!
And I love your art, it's fruity ;P