Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm being featured on!

Well, the wait is over, and the excitement is here! My artwork is being featured on! Currently, it is just on the UK site.

So here's the story.

I found out about Topman when I was in Tokyo, at the LaForet mall in Harajuku. I had heard of "Topshop" (the women's line) before based out of London, but didn't realize there was a men's line as well.

I got back home, went to their site, and they had just started a US version. They were needing contributors, such as artists, illustrators, contribute to their blog.

So I emailed them.

I never thought that I would probably even get a reply, but I did. They saw my work, and LOVED IT! I couldn't believe it. I was so thrilled. So what ended up doing was sending me an email with images of clothes. They wanted me to draw my characters wearing their clothes, which they would feature on their blog, linking my images to buy clothes in the online store! gets approximately 5 million unique viewers every week! This is amazing, and I think it will give me major exposure. I'm so excited and thankful.

To get to the images on the site...

go to
Make sure you are on the "UK" site. It will say if you are on the UK or US site in the top right corner.
At the bottom center of the page, there will be a link to the blog.
Click it!
Then, click the features tab, and click the story that says "contribute" or something like that. There I am! I am featured as a designer that contributed to the blog. I'm soooo pumped.

Anyway...please let me know what you guys think! This is so exciting for me. Big things are happening. I'm so greatful.



The Stiletto Effect said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is huge :D wow this is the first time I visit your blog, but I'm really glad I found it, and I'm also very happy about you being featured on :D
I've checked it out and your illustrations are just amazing!

Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

wicked, your illustrations are great and really inspiring. my work also featured on the site a while ago, directly under yours. seems like not many people took notice of their cry for help! i was asked to build a winter outfit and design layout and words ect

EJ said...

Lovely stuff! Because the internet is such a tiny place, I actually saw your stuff on their site yesterday, then stumbled across your blog today. Congrats, I'm really enjoying your illustrations. :)

Fashion Hayley said...

WOW I love your illustrations for this. BTW thanks for all the images, my net is super slow at the moment (we used our limit of usage) so I haven't been able to reply to you or blog in ages.

Freda. J said...

this is huge!! your illustrations are amazing. lucky topman.. ((:

nickyzuk said...

Thats BRILLIANT!! That's such a great achievment, Topshop is so global you will soon get so much exposure from this! They look great and you honestly deserve it, your style of illustrations really fit their look.

Well done again!!



chloe said...

amazing, congratulations!! topshop, topman = big stuff!
i wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog - i kept forgetting to answer back, doh! :p i love your work, good luck with all your new projects!
kisses from cyprus xxx